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Throughout the recruitment process we consistently provide superior service satisfaction which sets us apart from competitors. From start to finish, Price International is a unique leader because of its ability to achieve unsurpassed results on an ongoing basis. We take pride in these achievements and look forward to becoming your privileged partner for success.

Whether you need a retained or contingency search, we have the resources to access the best possible candidates in your market. Across the board, all our consultants have extensive backgrounds in International Business thus bringing to the table varied points of view that will ensure the right business solution for you.

Our team utilizes its recruitment experience in all sectors of business to fulfill our clients' needs while leveraging our search methodology in combination with our wide network of contacts, which has been built up over many years.

As Your Executive Search Partner - We are committed to following through with nothing but top quality executive search and recruitment while maintaining the highest standards of trust. The services we offer for all searches is highly personalized as we are committed to achieving the goal of making sure we understand your specific needs and conditions for each hire. We offer the following types of executive search and HR consulting:

Retained Search

We carry out retained searches in the Japanese market commonly for specialist searches or high level positions.
Price International recommends retained search in cases such as the following:

  1. High level positions where the pool of qualified candidates is limited and therefore a specific strategic approach must be adhered to.
  2. Sensitive searches where the replacement of personnel is involved.
  3. New start ups to ensure a smooth and steady beginning in Japan.
  4. Time sensitive searches where expedition in the hiring process is necessary.

Contingency Search

We have extensive experience in Japan and are therefore in the strongest position to achieve success in placing the right person with you. We take the initiative to listen first to your needs and then apply our methods of search by utilizing our local networks in your industry.

We recommend contingency search in the following cases:

  1. When it is deemed advantageous to use multiple executive search firms to identify key personnel.
  2. In order to increase employee numbers over a long period of time and therefore need to make new hires on a continual basis.
  3. For large companies with a high turnover rate of employees.

Start Up Searches

As a result of building up our deep knowledge of local industry and culture over the years, we have attained a strong record of success with new companies entering the Japanese market. To start ups, we offer a unique perspective that enables us to fulfill your particular needs while supplying you with valuable consultative advice so that you hit the ground running. We become not just an advisor to a new market, but a true partner for success.

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